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Country Living, Fairies and Downton Abbey!

  • Posted On: 20 February 2015
Country Living, Fairies and Downton Abbey! I realise its been a few weeks since I last posted any news on my website. For that I am sorry, time seems to fly by doesn't it?! It is a particularly busy, but fun time for me at the moment with all things Sew1965. My lovely local git shop, The Dinky Dove, continues to stock my dresses; will imminently be stocking my dresses in some of their bundles, including 'Poppy' a red polkadot newborn dress made especially to support a charity - so do keep checking their webpage for details. Yesterday I received the news that I was one of just 28 fledgling businesses selected to take place at the Country Living Pop-Up Market taking place in Islington, London on 18 March. I am so excited about this offer. I am hoping to...

Taylor'd Bundles

  • Posted On: 13 January 2015

I had a lovely time today meeting with Taylor'd Bundles. This is a really exciting venture for me and I am so excited to be on board this fabulous concept. if you are looking to send someone a lovely gift that is original and full of thought, why not consider a bundle of goodies full of beautifully crafted, handmade items. Be it a gift for a newborn baby, a christening or even a baby shower, do take a look at and look out for my pinafores too!

Stockings for the Christmas Tree

  • Posted On: 26 November 2014

Sew1965 is attending a shopping evening tomorrow, the first of three fairs over the next 4 days. In readiness, some stocking treats for the Christmas tree have been made, containing a choccie treat - after all, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without chocolate!

Customer Feedback

  • Posted On: 18 November 2014
Customer Feedback I received an email from a customer today, thanking me for the pinafore dress given to her as a gift in readiness for her baby girl, not yet born. It is so lovely and satisfying to receive positive feedback, thank you:)

St Annes School, Chertsey Shopping Morning

  • Posted On: 7 November 2014

Today, 1965 is heading off to St Annes School in Chertsey. They are holding a shopping morning straight after the school drop off - not a bad idea on this wet and miserable morning.

If you are in the area, why not pop in for a coffee, a natter, and some shopping - sounds pretty perfect to me!