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White Rabbits - My First Craft Fair!

  • Posted On: 1 November 2014

Today I attended my first ever Craft Fair in Egham, Surrey. It was lovely to have the opportunity to showcase my pinafores and to receive such lovely feedback. Photo attached - although I wasn't looking at the camera at the time - doh! Details of my next fair to follow soon.

Hilda 12-18 Months

  • Posted On: 30 October 2014

Sew1965 is busy getting ready for the Craft Fair on Saturday in Egham. Hilda' has just been completed to add to the stock, 12-18 months. Don't you think this is so cute? A lovely soft tweed effect, perfect for Autumn.

Fairs and Fayres!

  • Posted On: 24 October 2014

I really do have some lovely friends! They have been keeping me informed of forthcoming craft fairs/fayres in the lead up to Christmas (yes, that word!). Some are called Craft Fairs and others are called Craft Fayres - does anyone know the difference? Please let me know if you do! Anyway, I am chuffed that I have 5 potential fairs and fayres to attend in the next month - that means my sewing machine will be chugging away merrily. I have some lovely new fabrics too, so keep checking back for updates!

Happy Friday everyone, love Sew1965 x

Welcome to Eliza

  • Posted On: 21 October 2014
Welcome to Eliza

Today, Sew1965, introduced Eliza. A very pretty handmade pinafore dress made of the cutest retro fabric. When I saw this fabric in the shop it was very reminiscent of a dress that one of my aunts wore back in the 1970's - hippy chic! Age 2/3 years and ready to be worn by a lovely little girl......

Remnant House, Harrogate

  • Posted On: 12 October 2014

I have just returned from a fabulous week away in North Yorkshire. Apart from spending most of my time eating (Wensleydale Dairy in Hawes and Bettys Tea Rooms in Harrogate to name just two!) I also got to visit The Remnant House in Harrogate. This little shop was stocked with fabric from floor to ceiling and I really didn't know what to pick as there was so much choice. I did finally source a pretty new fabric, so keep checking the Products page as a new pinnie will be coming soon......